Flawless Consulting® Workshops

For people who don't think they are consultants.

Flawless Consulting On-Site Workshops

On-Site Workshops

Flawless Consulting workshops produce learnings that stick. You learn:
- new ways to deal with resistance from difficult people, resulting in more buy-in from even those at higher levels.
- new partnering behaviors you can apply immediately.
- personally powerful ways to be more authentic, express wants, give support, disarm objections
- to be more confident in your partnership roles.
The idea of business partnership with peers, clients and bosses becomes more real - especially when renegotiating new possibilities with existing relationships. All of this has the effect of increasing demand for services and upgrading the kinds of projects people get involved in.

Peter Block's Flawless Consulting Online Workshops.

Online Workshops

Working and learning remotely is a fact of life for many organizations. Flawless Consulting Online can help create better partnerships by teaching participants how to get clear about their wants from clients - some of which can be difficult to deal with. In small cohorts of 12 or fewer, participants start applying the skills to have their recommendations used by those above them. The highly interactive virtual sessions help attendees deal with resistance, give support and become more direct and authentic in working with others. This results in the capacity to delve deeper into root causes and provide solutions that enhance their value as business partners.

Flawless Consulting Public Workshops

Public Workshops

Our public workshops held in Red Bank, New Jersey are a perfect solution for individuals to experience the power of developing personal behaviors that empower them to improve their organization. As with all Designed Learning workshops the research proven results show that participants leave with a new set of tools on hand to deal with difficult people - converting them to allies and better business partners. Attendees learn how to ask better questions, give reinforcing feedback and a systemic approach to problem solving that they can use immediately. Enrollment is limited, so register today.

Flawless Consulting Book

Peter Block

Peter Block, creator of the Flawless Consulting workshops which served as the basis for his best-selling Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting your Expertise Used and named as the most influential book in the last century by Association for Talent Development. (ATD) and the Organizational Development Network (ODNet). In addition to his best-selling books, visit here for expanded book content and videos that heighten key concepts of consulting for those who are not consultants. This includes checklists and other job aids to help you take theory to practice. You can also discover other books that Peter finds intriguing and useful as well as his recent blogs and articles.


Flawless Consulting 1 - Public Workshop width=
September 29-30, 2015 | $1295
Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, New Jersey

In Flawless Consulting 1 you learn how to get your expertise used in even the most challenging situations and to meet resistance head-on. You will leave the workshop more confident in your ability to ask what you want from your clients to create a successful partnership. No matter what your role is, you will leave empowered to influence decisions, provide advice and build better relationships leading to a great demand for your talents.


Flawless Consulting 2 - Public Workshop
October 1-2, 2015 | $1295
Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, New Jersey

In Flawless Consulting 2, you further develop your ability to have your recommendations listened to and to get clients to act on your advice. Through exciting interactive simulations, you become confident in analyzing the root cause of an issue and to solve problems so they stay solved. Whatever your role, these business partnering skills give you the confidence to influence and affect positive business outcomes with everyone in the organization.