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The Lastest Executive Tool: The Weed Whacking Golf Driver

We often criticize our consumer society in this space, but some purchases are just too good to pass up, especially when it comes to something that will give us an edge in the ultimate Corporate Sport: Golf. Before getting to the purchase recommendation, let me remind you: Golf is the ultimate … [Read more...]

Gifts In Unexpected Wrapping

Although The Six Conversations That Matter is known for creating possibilities that drive transformation and create stronger organizations, it has significantly impacted families and communities as well. Stephanie Hartman can attest to this after attending a Designed Learning workshop led by Bill … [Read more...]

A Future for Journalism: The Story of What’s Working

Most of what you read about the field of journalism is grim. Journalists now rank below lawyers as being trusted in the eyes of the public. Print news and TV channels are in a steep revenue decline. We are told that the younger generation gets their news from their friends on the Internet. We have … [Read more...]

Digitalman: Faster Than a Speeding Byte

By Peter Block In 1938 the world was in a depression, war was breaking out in Europe and Al Capone, the gangster, ruled at home. Tough times. In the same year there emerged two comic book superheroes, Superman and Batman. They were instantly popular, and one way to understand that is to view them as … [Read more...]