I have been impressed with the quality of the facilitators and their deep consulting expertise, and appreciated how easy the team made it to offer these valuable workshops in remote locations. Bottom line, participants left with improved knowledge and skills to be better consultants to their clients.

Bob Luton, Microsoft Corporation

I had read parts of Peter Block’s book long before I took the Designing Learning course last spring. But my manager felt I would really benefit from the experience and I was thrilled to go. Needless to say, there is no substitution for spending time live with such consulting pros as Peter and Bill. Their wealth of experience combined with the carefully constructed training provided me with a much deeper understanding of what flawless consulting is all about. I especially liked that their interpretation of the role of a consultant and the nature of the consulting relationship is very consistent with my own philosophy. I would recommend the course to anyone who is serious about truly adding value as a consultant – both internal and external.

Susan Roti, MonteFiore Medical Center

Like the book says, I'd recommend this to anyone in a consultative role both internally or
externally- those that are in a position to influence, but not directly control. Often as shared services organizations desire to become "more strategic", they change their title to Business Partner, but don't treat the transition like an on boarding process to a job. This course would be a key component of any transition into a business partner/consultative role.

John Kelly, Schneider Electric, Project Manager- Organizational Development

The learning design of the Flawless Consulting® workshops (Parts 1 and 2) is excellent, allowing learners to immediately apply concepts presented through a variety of activities including small and large group discussions, role plays, simulations and skill practice.

David Hilsabeck, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina