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Back to The End of The Line

by Peter Block
From News for a Change

It is disturbing that after so many years of growing interest the value and involvement of the employee, institutional attention has reverted back to economics and cost reduction.  Where for a while it was all about the employee, now it is all about the money. This column is an attempt to understand this shift and what it means for us all.

To understand why employees are being marginalized, we might look at what is happening to the customer.

For example, have you noticed that:

–The Verizon cellular phone store in town is no longer open on Saturday?

–The store manager at Circuit City gets very grumpy when you return a new TV because the picture was too dark?

–When you call an airline and want to talk to a person, instead of answering the phone, they tell you how long you will have to wait, and how much better it will be if you contact them online?


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