Cosmetic Reform: When the Disease Becomes the Cure

“Despite the popularity of the idea of stewardship, the continuing story of most organizations is a celebration of the importance of great leadership, in either its harsher or kindlier forms. Our institutional models are basically patriarchal.  Everyone wants to know where to find partnership on a large scale,” says Peter Block in Cosmetic Reform: When the Disease Becomes the Cure.

Peter suggests that many efforts originally put into place for change will inevitably recreate the same notions that caused the actual need for adjustment.

Peter brings up a commonly asked question: “What’s next?” The answer to this is simple: “Nothing is next. There is nothing that will be any more helpful than what we already have.”

Conventional cultural programs may change the look or feel of an organization, but the way we operate stays the same. Any organizational enhancement that is committed to for a length of time will provide what is needed. Having devotion to an organization-improvement idea is key. Peter explains that we must engage with those around us, make necessary changes and have faith the plan in place will work.

The idea of placing your business into the hands of your employees may seem unsettling and because of this, stewardship requires trust and faith.

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