Cumbuca? What is it?

IMG-20151221-WA0001The answer to this question lies within Vale, a mining company located in northern Brazil. Saulo Prazeres, the HR manager for Vale, decided Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting was the best option for the company to improve but he wanted a method other than attending the usual workshops. He decided to create a study group to go over the book. Chapter by chapter. Page by page. Over the course of a year, the group of 15 business analysts managed to conduct its own, in-depth analysis of Flawless Consulting and to use that knowledge to help better the company. They even decided to name their study group: Cumbuca. While in some cases cumbuca is a gourd, in others it is a skilled worker which is what they had become. Peter Block responded to this group’s initiative by saying, “This means you care about partnering with the line organization and are willing to invest and reimagine your way of working with them.”

So what will Cumbuca do next? Well Peter Block’s new Influence Coaching is the perfect way to gain one-on-one experience to help reinforce the knowledge and tools from Flawless Consulting. More importantly, Influence Coaching is accessible wherever you are and whenever you need it. For more information, visit