Peter Has Lit a Fire.

He has lit a fire in those who have experienced his work. Enough so that individuals have taken it upon themselves to create various groups to help share what they have learned. Each of these websites uses the ideas of Peter Block to create their own small community centered on the various aspects of Designed Learning. Peter’s involvement varies from taking part in conference calls along with John McKnight, co-author of The Abundant Community, to participating in forums with the goal of bettering their own communities.

A SMALL GROUP – Based on the information from Six Conversations that Matter®, A Small Group aims to bring individuals together in order to open up a dialogue between the citizens of the Cincinnati area with hopes of creating a better city to live in.

ECONOMY OF COMPASSION – Home of the Jubilee Campaign, Economics of Compassion hosts the Jubilee forum a few times every year. This based on the Old Testament idea of a Jubilee Year, in which every seven years, seven times a year the debts are released. Historically this includes resting the land and forgiving the debts of the poor. You can see some video of Peter speaking at the forum in 2015 on their website here.

ABUNDANT COMMUNITY –A collection of several articles and useful resources are available to anyone interested. Abundant community also hosts free conference calls several times a year with Peter Block and John McKnight.

RESTORE COMMONS - This is a collection of material that is of key interest to Peter. On this, you’ll also see links to audio from previous Jubilee Forums.

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With continuous updates, this resource page will allow those interested to be able to understand just how much impact Peter Block’s Designed Learning can have on their lives.