Flawless Consulting Train The Trainer Program

Our Train The Trainer Program was designed for internal trainers working in organizations where a large population of participants for the training exists. The program allows for the certified trainer(s) to purchase materials from Designed Learning and conduct workshops within their own organization, on their own schedule, and at a significant cost savings to the

It should be noted that Designed Learning does not license organizations. Designed Learning certifies individuals to represent us within their organizations. The certification travels with the trainer, and Designed Learning continues to support them wherever they work. Certified trainers can only deliver the workshop to employees of the company that employs them and not to clients of that organization or others outside the organization that employs them.

The certification process consists of:

  1. Participation in the workshop to experience what all participants’ experience.
  2. Coaching by a Designed Learning Trainer.
  3. Delivery of the workshop and receiving Feedback from a Designed Learning Trainer.
  4. Certification Fee payment.

If you are interested in learning more about our Train The Trainer Program, please contact us.

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