More Resources

Want to keep up with Peter’s teachings on your own?

Here are a few great websites to do just that.

A Small Group 
  • – This site is dedicated to the works of Peter Block, John McKnight, and Robert Putnam. Based on the information from Six Conversations that Matter, A Small Group aims to bring individuals together in order to open up a dialogue between the citizens of the Cincinnati area with hopes of creating a better city to live in. A Small Group hosts monthly gatherings to stay connected and keep learning how to make a difference in the city. The meetings involve sharing what they are learning about engagement and interacting with citizens in Cincinnati. These meetings take place on the first Friday of every month (except when there is a holiday) from 4:30 to 6:00 PM at the Community Studio in Peaslee Neighborhood Center.
Economy of Compassion 
  • – Home of the Jubilee Campaign, Economy of Compassion seeks a local economy that serves, and is measured by, the well-being of all of its citizens. The Economy of Compassion hosts the forum Jubilee a few times every year. You can see some video of Peter speaking at the forum in 2015 on their website here.
Abundant Community
  • – This website is based around the material in Peter Block’s and John McKnight’s The Abundant Community. A collection of several articles and useful resources are available to anyone interested. Abundant community also hosts free conference call several times a year with John and Peter. The next one takes place April 10th with Parker Palmer as a guest.
Restore Commons
  • - This is a collection of material that is of key interest to Peter. On this, you’ll also see links to audio from previous Jubilee Forums.