Online Workshops

Online workshops serve as the basis for Designed Learning’s unique blended approach to producing learnings that stick with participants. Real time consulting skills training that is specially designed to teach valuable business partnering skills to a widely, distributed workforce. This training will help them set expectations, develop a systematic approach to problem solving, create confidence and gain influence no matter where they may be located.
Flawless Consulting Online Consulting Skills Workshops

For a Distributed Team

Working and learning online or remotely is a fact of life for many organizations today. Flawless Consulting Online Workshops can help create better partnerships by teaching participants how to get clear about their wants from clients - some of which can be difficult to deal with.

In small cohorts of 12 or less, participants start applying the skills to have their recommendations used by those above them.

Interactive and Real-Time

The highly interactive and real-time, virtual sessions teach attendees to deal with resistance, give support and become more direct and authentic in working with others. This results in the capacity to delve deeper into root causes and provide solutions that enhance their value as business partners.

Workshops provide learning that sticks and the skills and tools can be implemented immediately, allowing attendees and companies to realize results right away.

  • Leadership Language in Action

    Leadership Language in Action

    December 15, 2017-9:00-11:30 A.M. US ET. Cost-$250-Ideal for business leaders and others, this workshop was developed by Peter Block and based on his best-selling books, "Community: The Structure of Belonging" and “The Answer...

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  • Flawless Consulting 1 Online

    Flawless Consulting 1 Online

    July 16, 17, 18, 2018-10:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. US EDT-Cost-$750-Flawless Consulting Part 1 Online is designed to deliver key portions of our Flawless Consulting 1 onsite workshop in a series of three, 2-2 ½ hour sessions....

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