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Peter Block's Flawless Consulting

This podcast from Dec. 18, 2017 based on his book, The Empowered Manager, Peter Block discusses how to deal with opponents and adversaries.

Listen to Peter Block discuss his book, An Other Kingdom, in this podcast from Dec. 12, 2017

"Freeing Yoursel from Consumer Culture," with Eric Zimmer on The One You Feed, December 2017

"Finding Freedom," November 22, 2017. Fire it Up With CJ

"Peter Block on The Abundant Community," interview by Barry Daniel, March 1, 2016. Middle Way

Interview with Peter Block about Flawless Consulting Skills, September 27, 2012
with Veit Schenk

A Conversation with Peter Block-Kolbe Times-Arts and Culture, The Ways We Live

We're Common Good-With Walter Brueggemann, John McKnight and Peter Block

We’re a fellowship program being hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio.
We believe change agents, social innovators, business leaders, faith leaders, and community activists confront key challenges in their efforts to introduce system change. Common Good provides change leaders with mentors who will guide them, insights that will inspire them, and the support of a community of peers that will nurture and sustain them.