This three day combination of both part 1 and part 2 was specially developed as an intensive, advanced version of the two workshops. Participants learn how to have influence when they don’t have control and get their expertise used by even the most difficult people at all levels of the organization. As with all Designed Learning workshops, the skills are developed through highly interactive sessions. If being seen as a trusted partner in any situation is crucial to the success of the work you undertake, Accelerated Flawless Consulting will help you to better position yourself with business leaders and peers and give you the skills you need to be successful.

Research-based Target Outcomes:

  • Negotiate enduring, more effective working agreements.
  • Develop commitment from others and better position yourself with business leaders and peers.
  • Effectively deal with difficult people and situations.
  • Avoid no-win situations.
  • Develop the ability to assertively express your needs for more successful business partnerships.
  • Practice a data collection or discovery model.
  • Deal with resistance in the process.
  • Conduct interviewing meetings to collect data around a business issue.
  • Handle a successful feedback meeting.
  • Identify methods for mapping out action steps prior to implementation.
  • Gain better use of your expertise.
  • Create more requests for work and increase job satisfaction.
Peter Block - An Introduction to Flawless Consulting