Charles Fields

Charlie brings experience in a professional specialty and a commitment to model the theories presented in the workshops. He lives these issues in his own life and at work. Like all Designed Learning Affiliates, he treats the client organization and workshop participants as partners in creating a powerful learning experience.

An engineering graduate of The Unites States Merchant Marine Academy, he began his career in the merchant fleet and Navy. Later, he gained nearly 20 years of experience in management positions in inspection operations, claims operations, and training and communications, at Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. He was always in a line operation, even when functioning in a consulting role.

His international Designed Learning work includes conducting workshops on… Flawless Consulting Skills I, II, III, Building Accountability and Commitment, with participants from over 75 different countries servicing such businesses and industries as consulting, energy, government, financial, information technology, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, service, and transportation.

Booz Allen Hamilton, ExxonMobil, Suncor, Department of the Treasury, FLDPS (Romania), World Bank, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Vertex, UNUM, Alaska National Insurance, United Technologies, Schneider Electric, Bristol Meyers, Squibb, Glaxo Smith Kline, Time Warner, Universal Studios, CSX, and BNSF, are among the companies he has served.

Charlie has delivered Designed Learning to such corporate groups as HR, IT, OD/OE, consulting, finance, communications, recruiting, project management, engineering, security, sales & marketing, EHS, loss prevention, law, and administrative services

With over 30 years in the fields of Engineering and Leadership Development, Charles’ consulting practice includes working with organizations in the areas of thinking skills, listening skills, building trust in relationships, and bringing creativity to the workplace