Doug Williams

Doug brings experience in a professional specialty and a commitment to model the theories presented in the workshops. He lives these issues in his own life and at work. Like all Designed Learning Affiliates he treats the client organization and workshop participants as partners in creating a powerful learning experience.

Doug is the president of Doug Williams and Associates, an organization development consulting firm. He has worked with a number of industries, government agencies and education systems over the past 23 years. He has focused on leadership development, valuing and managing diversity, organizational change, and team and individual effectiveness training. Prior to founding his consulting firm, he spent 13 years in a number of key management positions with Digital Equipment Corporation.

His Designed Learning clients include the University of Michigan, American Express, LL Bean, AT&T, Xerox, Holiday Inn, Akamai, Booz Allen Hamilton, JP Morgan, Bristol Myers Squibb, and ExxonMobil.

Doug holds degrees in science and engineering from the University of Maine.