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Building on the skills developed in part 1, you further reinforce your ability to have your recommendations listened to and to get clients to act on your advice. Through exciting interactive simulations, you become confident in analyzing the root cause of an issue and to solve problems so they stay solved. Whatever your role, these business partnering skills acquired will give you the confidence to influence and affect positive business outcomes with everyone in the organization. In the end, you will walk away from the workshop understanding the organizational landscape and leave it improved.

Research-Proven Target Outcomes Include:

  • Practice a data collection or discovery model.
  • Understand what analytics drive value for the business and how to translate results into insightful and actionable recommendations.
  • Deal with resistance in the data collection process.
  • Conduct meetings to collect data around an issue.
  • Execute a successful feedback meeting.
  • Identify methods for mapping out action steps prior to implementation.
  • Develop commitment from business leaders and peers, and influence the decisions businesses make beyond just numbers.
  • Create more requests for work and increase job satisfaction.
Peter Block - An Introduction to Flawless Consulting