Hong Mei

Mei holds an MBA from Cardiff University in the UK. She is a GPHR (Global Professional Human Resources) certified by HRCI and a GPHR Trainer. She is also a certified Situational Leadership® II Experience trainer, and an Action Learning Facilitator. Mei currently lives with her family in Shanghai. Mei excitedly found that her exposure to Flawless Consulting at an OD certificate program in 2013 brought her new ways and tools for addressing those challenges. That first exposure has led to her decision of transitioning to be a Flawless Consulting trainer in 2016.

Mei has been an enthusiastic practitioner of TM and OD in MNCs in Asia cultural context since 2002. Before transitioning to the current role as associated trainer and consultant at the platform of On-demand Learning China, Mei has been working in various leadership roles in HR, training, TM and OD for MNCs’ China or Asia regional headquarters, dedicated to the localization, designing and implementation of people and organizational programs in China and Asia.

Other than the experiences in the professional areas, Mei believes that her learning from the personal leadership breakthrough workshops and psychological therapy training in the recent 10 years have greatly helped shape who she is today. The increasing of self-awareness and personal congruency (being authentic to self, compassionate to others, and considerate of the context) have contributed to her capability building for playing today’s role as a Flawless Consulting trainer and practitioner, as well as all other roles both in professional and personal life.