Joe Lafferty

After working in a number of contexts in consultancy, Joe noticed that real, sustainable growth and change is an organic process. He therefore founded Lifetree, an OD consultancy with the vision of “…growing people and organisations…”

Prior to this, Joe’s background was in Engineering and Operational management, where he developed wide experience in delivering successful change while improving business results in various line management and internal consultancy roles.

Joe led a major change project as an internal ‘change agent’ in Scottish Hydro-Electric in the mid 1990’s. While doing this, he undertook a distance learning MBA with Warwick University specialising in Business Strategy.

Joe’s first introduction to Flawless Consulting was in 1999. When starting out as a consultant, his mentor gave him a copy of the first edition, saying, “If you read nothing else, read this!” Applying the Flawless Consultancy methodology was the foundation of his work and practice.

Over the past few years, Joe’s practice has focused on Leader and Leadership development using a number of different models and approaches. For example, Executive Coaching (he is one of the few coaches on the Coaching Register for Chief Executives in the NHS in Scotland), ‘Top Team’ development and action learning. His work often evolves from working with an individual executive client to building capacity in the executive team via various bespoke interventions. He has also worked on wider organisational consultancy projects, for example with Scottish & Southern Energy to support their attempt to embed innovation in their culture to enable sustainability.

Joe has just completed a project facilitating Action Learning Sets with Chief Executive Officers across public service leadership in Scotland.

Joe obtained an MBA by distance learning from Warwick University in the mid 1990‘s, and is passionate about learning. His approach is based on reflective practice, seeking to translate learning into improved performance for himself and others. He has a knack of being able to introduce appropriate theory and models to help clients make sense of issues and grasp opportunities to learn and improve.

Joe recently attended the Tavistock Leicester Conference. Not long ago, he was invited by Peter Koestenbaum to attend an Executive Leadership Diamond® seminar in Dallas Texas where he had the opportunity to work with Peter Koestenbaum and Peter Block.

As well as developing and delivering bespoke leadership development interventions, he also teaches strategy and leadership at Dundee University to Masters Students. In his teaching, he helps his students ground their learning in their own context – with a mix of leading edge theory while drawing from his significant consultancy and executive training experience.

Joe also teaches and facilitates the ‘Leading Change Track’ in a new innovative Diploma in Sustainable Business – a collaboration between two Swiss Business Schools, BSL and St. Gallen.