Joseph Maalouf

Founding partner of the Canadian company Effiqual / Designed Learning Canada and of the Lebanese company Beyond Consulting & Training, sister consulting firms specializing in assisting organizations to enhance quality, sustainability and effectiveness through developing the person at work, and reforming management practices and the way responsibility, accountability and knowledge are distributed among all employees.

Joseph has served clients in more than 25 countries on four continents on a myriad of consulting and training interventions in a wide range of industries. His clients include: Alico, Bell Canada, Collins & Aikman, Freescale, Hewlett Packard, Indevco Group, Medicals International, Manulife Financial, Napco, Nortel, Novartis, Royal Bank, and Time-Warner.

Mr. Maalouf is a live example of engaging the heart and mind at work, where the engineer, the business person and the poet come together to invite participants and organizations alike to invest in truly holistic learning and change experiences.

He is also known for his keen ability to integrate the technical side, systems thinking and the “here and now” into his training approach, hence engaging participants in deep reflections and creating for them the space to bring their own work realities into the room. His methods have supported people and organizations to pave the way for real application of the learning into their jobs and business environments, and for balancing the human and technical systems within their organizations.

Joseph is certainly an achieved management consultant who has left an impact on his clients mainly in the domains of leadership, management systems, team development, change management, human resources management, and organizational building. As a trainer, he is especially renowned for developing and conducting workshops on behavioral choices, organizational reform, creative thinking, leadership, team development, consulting skills and systemic process reengineering.

Mr. Maalouf has been a presenter at various international conferences and has authored a variety of articles. He is also- a lecturer at a number of respected American, Canadian and Middle Eastern Universities.