Kang Yam Lee

Kang Yam is the Chief Learning Curator for The Flame Centre. His professional career revolves around building the capabilities and capacities of individuals to fulfill personal and organizational goals. As the Chief Learning Curator, he has a voracious appetite for new knowledge and learning. His talent is in making connections between what he has learned and devising ways in which other learners can apply the knowledge and skills in their daily work and life.

Kang Yam was trained in economics to analyze, break down issues, isolate and make critical decisions. Over the years, he has benefited from various mentors and learned to think in a multi-dimensional and collaborative way. He is intrigued by collaboration in teams, organizations and even between strangers. He believes that communities and organizations are basically about people – it is all about the relationships. He sees potential in others. Each individual is a work in progress and alive with possibilities. For this very reason he is drawn towards people, interacting with others and helping them experience success.

As a consultant and trainer he has traveled around Asia Pacific and conducted numerous workshops for companies such as 3M, Syngenta, Microsoft, First Data Corporation, Schneider Electric, Rio Tinto, BP Castrol, Whirlpool, Exxon Mobil, Aviva, Ariba Inc., Honeywell, Corning International and Corning Computer Display Technologies, Hewlett Packard and Merrill Lynch . He has also designed many challenging and impactful training and development experiences for organizations such as Prudential, Michelin, Aviva, Intraco Inc., Civil Service College, Port of Singapore Authority and Singapore Police Force Training Command and Ministry of Home Affairs.

He is certified by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to deliver competency based training and assessment programmes and has developed several competency frameworks and training and assessment programs for different organizations. He also audits training coursewares for the Civil Service College and NTUC Learning Hub.