Leadership Language in Action

Open Enrollment Dates: December 15, 2017-9:00-11:30 A.M. US ET

Cost: $250

Ideal for business leaders and others, this workshop was developed by Peter Block  and based on his best-selling books, “The Answer to How is Yes” and “Community: The Structure of Belonging”. The workshop invites participants to experience these new conversations in real time and understand how, as leaders, they can help to transform their organization.

By bringing Leadership Language in Action: Six Conversations that Matter training into your organization, you will provide your staff with the tools to begin to transform their conversations with others in the organization creating the capacity for an alternative future, a future where accountability is chosen, not enforced.

Research-Proven Target Outcomes Include:

  • Lead so that others commit to the success of an organization without playing “lets make a deal."
  • Help others and ourselves to declare new possibilities with the faith that we can live out our personal intentions and also serve the organization.
  • Create ownership by moving the conversations from complaining and waiting for others to change to ones where we realize we have helped create the very place we thought was owned by others.
  • Focus on strength and capacity rather than problem-solving or deficiencies.
  • Hold a stance wholeheartedly with an acceptance that others may not agree.

Who Should Attend?

Six Conversations that Matter is for anyone involved in leading, managing or convening others in a business or community.