Linda Finley

Linda brings experience in a professional specialty and a commitment to model the theories presented in the workshops. She lives these issues in her own life and at work. Like all Designed Learning Affiliates she treats the client organization and workshop participants as partners in creating a powerful learning experience.

Linda has 16 years internal experience in professional and managerial positions in manufacturing and financial services industries. She spent eleven years at MNC Financial where she directed management development, employee involvement programs, attitude surveys, competency models, and consulting with divisions on organizational issues. She designed and conducted a wide range of programs on management and supervisory development, change management, career development, customer service and interpersonal skills. Prior to that, she spent five years with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the areas of Performance Management, Quality, Training and Affirmative Action.

Her Designed Learning work includes conducting Flawless Consulting Skills I and II (and designing customized versions for clients), Choosing for Accountability, and Managing Differences and Agreements workshops, and organizational consulting.

With 25 years experience in the fields of Human Resource and Organization Development, Linda’s consulting practice includes her specialized interest and talent of designing customized training and team building, as well as helping groups go through change. She enjoys helping organizations identify and solve problems that interfere with the accomplishment of their business strategy.

Linda is a highly effective presenter and facilitator. Her training style is engaging and collaborative, and she has an ability to be flexible in the moment in order to meet diverse groups’ needs.