Lydia Schimmelpfenig

Lydia draws on a broad and deep base of experience and training as a coach, trainer, and facilitator of leaders in financial services, information technology, health care, and professional services. Her ten years of experience as an external organizational development consultant, internal OD leader, and independent coach have transformed her professional purpose from problem-solver to illuminator of choice.

Lydia has worked with Fortune 500 clients including Deloitte Consulting, Morgan Stanley, and Philip Morris, providing a range of organizational development work, including leadership training, change management, process improvement, strategic communications, employee survey design, strategic planning and small group facilitation. Most recently, her work has focused on training and coaching leaders to use coaching and consulting skills to increase commitment and retention and decrease stress and “firefighting.”

Prior to an organizational development career, Lydia worked in marketing and business development, selling commercial real estate services to national and international clients.

Lydia received a Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Lydia’s training style has been described as warm, personal, and, according to one client, “understatedly inspiring.” She challenges participants to expand their perspectives and generate new choices, and to always find humor in the process.