Nancy McMorrow

Nancy brings experience in a professional specialty and a commitment to model the theories presented in the workshops. She lives these issues in her own life and at work. Like all Designed Learning affiliates she treats the client organizations and workshop participants as partners in creating a powerful learning experience.

Nancy gained twelve years of experience at M&M Mars in the information systems group where she worked in MIS systems development and served as a system analyst, project leader, and education specialist.

Nancy’s Designed Learning work includes conducting Flawless Consulting Skills workshops for several functions including consultants, customer service, engineers, finance, human resources, information services, marketing, and training. Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, AT&T, Kodak, Citibank, Piedmont Natural Gas, IRS and Corning, Inc. are among the more than forty Designed Learning clients with whom Nancy has worked.

With more than 15 years in the field of organizational development, Nancy consults with client organizations in the areas of building community, managing change, gaining insight and direction with difficult issues, and dealing with resistance.

Nancy’s training strength is her ability to establish a trusting relationship with participants. She offers a clarity of the issues the participants face and guidance in making the tough choices involved in changing the way they work. Her ability to tell the truth without blame or judgment helps participants confront the difficult issues they face.