Skip “Edward” Ahnemann

Skip brings to his work, his experience in counseling, organization assessment and design, and human resource development along with his commitment to model the theories presented in the workshops. He lives these issues in his own life and at work. Like all Designed Learning Affiliates he treats the client organization and workshop participants as partners in creating a powerful learning experience.

Skip has a rich, twenty-year background in organization effectiveness, human resources and strategic planning background. He’s served as both an internal manager of human resources and organization development and as an external consultant. He’s worked extensively in the transportation services and healthcare industries as well as government organizations. Skip’s professional experience includes employment with companies such as On Site Insights, IBM Corporation, PHH Corporation (now Cendant) and Emery Worldwide.

His Designed Learning work includes conducting Flawless Consulting workshops for a variety of groups including human resources, information systems, line managers, quality managers and teams.

Skip’s style is engaging and humorous. His excellent listening skills enable him to value the perspective of each participant in the workshops he conducts. He works to maximize the contribution that he and each of the participants make to the learning of everyone in the workshop.

He is a private pilot which, he says, “humbles me on a regular basis and demonstrates the need for practice/using skills and the benefits of recurrent training.”