Stewardship: 2nd Edition

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by Peter Block

Stewardship was a provocative, even revolutionary book when the first edition was published twenty years ago and remains as relevant and radical today as it was then. We still face the challenge of fostering ownership and accountability throughout our organizations. Despite all the evidence calling for radical change, most organizations still rely on patriarchy and control as their core form of governance. Peter Block has revised and updated the book throughout, including a new introduction addressing what has changed--and what hasn't--in the twenty years since the book was published and a new chapter on applying stewardship to the common good of the wider community.

Block calls for a whole new way of thinking about the workplace-and then takes the reader through very tangible steps for getting there. He demonstrates how applying the concept of stewardship will radically change all areas of organizational governance, from individual management practices to financial and human resource systems. The result that he depicts will be replacing self-interest, dependency, and control with service, responsibility and partnership.