Touchy Feely Crap

Goals, quotas and deadlines. In our results driven world, what else do you have time to think of? The problem with focusing on an end result is that you miss the point of what your organization is trying to accomplish. If you are unable to connect with your team and come to a mutual understanding of your mission, nothing will ever get accomplished.

In this video, Peter talks about the importance of the “touchy feely crap” that can make some people roll their eyes, but why everyone needs to understand the purpose of a job beyond the end result. When you are working in a group, take time to make sure everyone recognizes the overarching “Why” in everything you do. Creating meaning for employees will inspire team members since they realize their work is creating value.

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Flawless Consulting Workshops

On-site Flawless Consulting Skills Training

Bring Flawless Consulting ® workshops to your organization

Live consulting skills training that will give individuals the skills to have their expertise used in situations where they have influence, but no direct control. Unleash the talents of leaders and employees. Give them the skills to become more strategic business partners. Bring Flawless Consulting to your location.

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Virtual Online Flawless Consulting Workshops

Real time consulting skills training that is specially designed to teach valuable business partnering skills to a widely, distributed workforce. This training will help them set expectations, develop a systematic approach to problem solving, create confidence and gain influence no matter where they may be located.

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Flawless Consulting Workshops Near You

These open enrollment consulting skills training workshops provide interactive business skills training in a safe environment. Position yourself better with business leaders and peers by learning to use a proven methodology that actually works. All our onsite public workshops are held at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, New Jersey

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