Wendy Tan

With her professional experience ranging from teaching and conducting market research to working as a psychologist with the Singapore Police Force, Wendy is propelled by a sense of curiosity about the world. She has participated in consulting projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. Her work with different cultures, especially during a three-month expedition to Mongolia, raised her consciousness about individuality, community and the uniqueness of Singapore—her home base.

Such experience coupled with her educational training gives Wendy a unique strength in building client relationships based on trust and openness. She cites authenticity, courage, life-long growth and care for others as her personal ideals and demonstrates her commitment to such values in her professional life. Asking powerful questions, she helps clients deal with difficult organizational and personal leadership concerns and enables them to endure high-tension situations to gain insight and resolution.

Wendy graduated with honors from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology. She went on to earn a Master of Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University’s experimental program, which emphasizes using self as an instrument of change. Wendy’s client roster includes Citigroup, Shell Bukon Refinery, National Youth Council, Singapore Workforces Development Agency, Singapore Institute of Management and Sri Lankan Telecoms.

According to Wendy, awareness of one’s strengths, courage to act on one’s best possibilities and community empowerment are key to the evolution of Singapore’s development. These convictions prompted Wendy to establish The Flame Center with like-minded colleagues in 2004. The training and consulting firm is committed to helping people discover their talents and grow into their best possibility.